JMW Mosaic Ltd
Records Management Training and Consulting
  1. Development of strategy for the management of information, documents and records.
  2. Information and records management policies and standards.  We work with you to develop standards that are compatible with the International Records Management Standard (ISO 15489) and other relevant national and international standards and protocols.
  3. Information audits and surveys.  Identification of where information exists within the organisation and how it is used by employees, customers and other stakeholders.
  4. Design of classification and indexing systems to meet the needs of your organisation to identify, capture, store, manage and retrieve the explicit knowledge needed to carry out business and comply with national and international legislation and sector specific regulations.
  5. Development of retention and disposal schedules to manage information over time.  Knowing what information needs to be kept and which can be disposed of ensures that information respositories remain relevant to the needs of the organisation whilst complying with regulatory requirements to maintain evidence of actions taken and decisions made.
  6. Building a business case and requirements specification for the introduction of information management tools such as electronic document and records management systems (EDRMS).  We can also provide specialist support to assist you with the selection, procurement, testing and implementation of systems.

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